The Crystal Heart Festival is an exclusive event dedicated to all Mahou Shoujo anime and manga such as; Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew and Card Captor Sakura, portrayed from a heroes vs. villains perspective. Here you’ll find a unique line of fashion, cosplay and creations interpreted by some of the best designers across the grid.

​The Crystal Heart Council welcomes you Class of 2019!
Come join us on June 30th, 2019 as the celebration begins!


We are so happy to have an abundance of talent within the Crystal Heart Festival, however it could not be made possible without our wonderful sponsors

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Started in 2016 by Ellie Aveline, The Crystal Heart has now become the most popular event dedicated to Mahou Shoujo on the grid. Our team has grown and so has our passion for making this event the best it possibly can be every year.

All of our team members are extreme fans of the Mahou Shoujo genre (Just check out Iki Akiri's RL Sailor Moon collection!)

We hope to continue bringing you love, justice and kawaii from now to the Crystal Millenium.

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